Facts and Interesting Points About Punjab

Interesting Points About Punjab

  • The name Punjab is derived from two Persian words- Panj and Aab. Punj means five and Aab means water. So the literal meaning of Punjab is a land of five waters or land of five rivers. The five rivers flowing through Punjab are Sindhu, Sutlej, Ravi, Beas, and Ghaggar.
  • Punjab was divided by the British in 1947 during the partition of India. After that Punjab was again divided into Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana in 1966 on the basis of language.
  • Punjab is surrounded by Pakistan’s Punjab province on the west, Jammu and Kashmir on the north, Himachal Pradesh on the northeast and Haryana and Rajasthan on the south.
  • In Punjab, Amritsar is the largest district in terms of both area and population.0
  • Punjab was the first state where President Rule (Article 356) was imposed on 20 June 1951. The state was under President Rule for a long time of 3510 days, which is nearly about 10 years.
  • Punjab has the highest contribution to the Indian Army.
  • Indus Valley Civilization was among the ancient civilizations in the world. The civilization flourished around the Indus river in the state of Punjab and its surrounding parts.
  • Punjab is frequently attacked and looted by foreign invaders like Huns, Turks, Mongols, Persians, and Afghans. So there is no trace of an ancient temple in the state.
  • Punjab shares its capital with Haryana. Chandigarh Both the states also share the Highcourt
  • Both Punjab and Haryana are considered the breadbaskets of India. The soils in this region are very fertile to grow rice, wheat and other crops.
  • Punjab is the largest state of Sikh population in the world. In the late 15th century, Guru Nanak Dev laid the foundation of Sikhism in Punjab. He became the first Sikh Gurus.
  • Golden Temple is considered one of the most sacred pilgrim place for Sikhs. This Sikh shrine is located in the city of Amritsar in Punjab. Pure 24 karat gold plating is used for decorating the temple. The temple was designed by the Fifth Guru of Sikh Guru Arjan.
  • Batala city in Punjab is an industrial hub for Iron casting and manufacture of machine tools. The city is known as the Iron Bird of Asia.
  • In Punjab, 100% of villages are connected to the roads.
  • Punjab is the highest producer of wheat in India. The state has around 45% contribution to the total wheat production in India.

More Informations About Punjab

General Details About Punjab

Capital Shillong
Governor  Banwarilal Purohit
Chief Minister  Bhagwant Mann
Districts 23
Area (km2) 50,362
Lok Sabha Seats 13
Rajya Sabha Seats 7
State Legislative Assembly Seats 117
Languages Hindi, Persian, Urdu and English

State Symbols of Punjab

State Animal Blackbuck
State Bird Baaz
State Tree Sheesham
State Flower Gladiolus

Demography of Punjab

Population (2011 Census) 27,743,338
Population Density (per km2) 550
Sex ratio (Females per 1000 males) 919
Literacy Rate (%) 76.68
Per Capita Income (₹) 151,367

Forest & Wildlife Reserves in Punjab

  1. Bir Dosanjh Wildlife Sanctuary
  2. Harike Wildlife Sanctuary
  3. Kathlaur Kaushlian Wildlife Sanctuary
  4. Bir Aishwan Wildlife Sanctuary
  5. Bir Mehas Wildlife Sanctuary
  6. Bir Bhadson Wildlife Sanctuary
  7. Bir Gurdialpura Wildlife Sanctuary
  8. Takhni Rehmapur Wildlife Sanctuary
  9. Abohar Wildlife Sanctuary
  10. Jhajjar Bacholi Wildlife Sanctuary
  11. Bir Chahal Wildlife Sanctuary

Major Rivers in Punjab

  1. Sutlej
  2. Beas
  3. Ravi
  4. Chenab
  5. Jhelum

Important Mountains in Punjab

  1. Sharo (2 304 m)
  2. Ek Bhai
  3. Solani
  4. Bara Chitta
  5. Mar
  6. Tor Kho
  7. Giandari Koh
  8. Pank Pīr
  9. Sakesri
  10. Chail

Agriculture in Punjab

Major Crops Wheat, Rice, Bajra, Pearl Millet, Maize, Barley, Groundnuts, Rapeseed, Mustard, Sunflower
Cash Crops Sugarcane, Oilseeds, Cotton, Jute

Cauliflower, Onion, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Garlic, Brinjal

Fruits Pear, Peach, Ber, Guava, Litchi, Mangoes, Orange, Kinnow

Mineral Deposits in Punjab

  1. Limestone
  2. Quartz
  3. Glass Sand
  4. Potash

Airports in Punjab

  1. Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport (Amritsar)
  2. Bathinda Airport
  3. Adampur Airport (Jalandhar)
  4. Sahnewal Airport (Ludhiana)
  5. Pathankot Airport

Traditional Dances in Punjab

  1. Bhangra
  2. Giddha
  3. Malawi
  4. Jhoomer
  5. Jaago
  6. Julli
  7. Sammi
  8. Luddi
  9. Dankara

Art and Crafts of Punjab

  1. Weaving and Embroidery
  2. Traditional Ornaments
  3. Phulkari
  4. Folk Toys
  5. Dolls
  6. Juttis
  7. Mud Works
  8. Paranda
  9. Phulkari
  10. Peedhies
  11. Wood Works
  12. Basketry

Regional Festivals Punjab

  1. Lohri
  2. Baisakhi
  3. Jor Mela
  4. Teeyan
  5. Karwa Chauth
  6. Tikka
  7. Chappar Mela
  8. Gurupurab
  9. Hola Mohalla

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