Facts and Interesting Points About Jharkhand

Interesting Points About Jharkhand

  • The meaning of Jharkhand is the land of bushes, trees, jungles etc.
  • Ranchi is the capital city of Jharkhand and Dumka is a sub-capital city of the state.
  • Most of the state lies on the Chhota Nagpur plateau. Koel, Damodar, Brahmani and Subarnrekha rivers originate from the plateau.
  • Jharkhand has rich reserves of minerals such as Iron ore, Coal, Mica and Limestone. It accounts for 40% of the total mineral resource of India.
  • Jamshedpur, situated in east Singhbhum district is the first well-planned industrial city in India. The city has no municipal corporation. TATA has run the administration of the city. The city is known as the “Pittsburgh of India.”
  • Dhanbad has over 112 coal mines, which can produce up to 27.5 metric tons of coal. Almost 50% of the coking coal required for industrial purposes is produced here. Dhanbad is also known as India’s coal capital.
  • Tropic of cancer actually passes through Ranchi at Kankee, located at 23.4° North and 85.33° East.
  • The largest Indian flag with the tallest flagpole is hoisted at Pahari Mandir in Ranchi. The flag has a dimension of 66 feet by 99 feet and weighs 60 kg.
  • Maithon Dam, which is the only of its kind in Asia is about 48 km from the Coal City of Dhanbad. The dam was built on the Barakar River. The dam has an underground power station.
  • Maluti village in the Dumka district of Jharkhand is known for its 72 terracotta temples. The temples were originally 108 in number and built around 7 to 19 centuries.

More Informations About Jharkhand

General Details About Jharkhand

Formation 15 November 2000
Capital Ranchi
Governor Ramesh Bais
Chief Minister Hemant Soren
Chief Justice Justice Dr. Ravi Ranjan
Districts 24
Area (km2) 79,716
Lok Sabha Seats 14
Rajya Sabha Seats 6
State Legislative Assembly Seats 81
Languages Hindi, Nagpuri, Khortha, Kurmali, Magahi, Bhojpuri

State Symbols of Jharkhand

State Animal Indian Elephant
State Bird Koel
State Tree Sal
State Flower Palash

Demography of Jharkhand

Population (2011 Census) 32,988,134
Population Density (per km2) 414
Sex ratio (Females per 1000 males) 948
Literacy Rate (%) 67.6
Per Capita Income (₹) 79,873

Forest & Wildlife Reserves in Jharkhand

  1. Palkot sanctuary
  2. Gautam Budha Sanctuary
  3. Betla National Park
  4. Palamu Santuary
  5. Topchanchi Santuary
  6. Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary
  7. Hazaribagh Santuary
  8. Mahuadanr Wolf Sanctuary
  9. Dalma Sanctuary
  10. Koderma Sanctuary
  11. Parasnath Sanctuary
  12. Lawalong Santuary

Major Rivers in Jharkhand

  1. Damodar River
  2. Barakar River
  3. Baitarani River
  4. Damodar River
  5. Sankh River
  6. Son River
  7. Subarnarekha River
  8. Koel River
  9. Mayurakshi River

Important Mountains in Jharkhand

  1. Parasnath Hills (1399m)
  2. Jamira Pat
  3. Trikut
  4. Fuljhari Pahar
  5. Lugu Pahar
  6. Joradumar Pahar
  7. Daswan Pat
  8. Neturhat Pat
  9. Saru Pahar

Agriculture in Jharkhand

Major Crops Wheat, Rice, Maize, Pulses (Arhar, Urad, Moong, Gram), Mustard, Niger, Til, Groundnut, Cashew etc.
Vegetables Potato, Tomato, Ladyfinger, Peas, Cauliflower, Brinjal, Cabbage etc.
Fruits Mango, Guava, Litchi, Lemon, Banana, Papaya, Jackfruit etc.

Mineral Deposits in Jharkhand

  1. Coal
  2. Iron ore
  3. Bauxite
  4. Uranium
  5. Limestone
  6. Dolomite
  7. Pyroxenite
  8. Quartz
  9. Quartzite
  10. China Clay
  11. Fireclay
  12. Magnetite
  13. Graphite
  14. Kyanite
  15. Feldspar
  16. Mica
  17. Decorative Stones

Major Industries in Jharkhand

  1. Mining and mineral extraction
  2. Iron and steel
  3. Engineering
  4. Chemicals
  5. Handloom
  6. Food and beverages

Airports in Jharkhand

  1. Dhanbad Airport
  2. Bokaro Airport
  3. Birsa Munda Airport

Traditional Dances in Jharkhand

  1. Jhumair Dance
  2. Mardana Jhumair Dance
  3. Janani Jhumair Dance
  4. Domkach Dance
  5. Lahasua Dance
  6. Jhumta Dance
  7. Fagua Dance
  8. Paika Dance
  9. Chhau Dance
  10. Firkal Dance
  11. Santali Dance

Art and Crafts of Jharkhand

  1. Cane & Bamboo Craft
  2. Metal Craft (Dokra art)
  3. Paitkar paintings
  4. Stone Carvings
  5. Tribal Ornaments
  6. Wooden Crafts
  7. Terra Cotta Works

Regional Festivals Jharkhand

  1. Bandna
  2. Jawa
  3. Tusu Parab
  4. Karam
  5. Hal Punhya
  6. Bhagta Parab
  7. Jani-Shikaar
  8. Chhath Pooja
  9. Rohini
  10. Sarhul

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